Suplaindo Guardian

Suplaindo BOSS system is an integrated business operation and management support platform. As one of big data main sources of Suplaindo oil and gas and energy industry, 
it can provide users with such as quick enquiry and quotation, online delivery, etc., and provides core service processes such as commodity management, supplier management, business report, CRM, 
regional operation and system management for marketing personnel. This system is committed to improving the overall equipment service management level of the company, 
quickly responding to the needs of terminal customers, improving the transparency of the service process, and reducing the service and operating costs of the company.



Suplaindo International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is the first cross-border industrial Internet platform in China for providing industrial products in the vertical 
sector of Oil & Gas field. With the mission of creating an efficient supply chain, and with the assistance of Internet, IoT ( Internet of Things ) and big data, 
Suplaindo is committed to reducing industry costs and improving industry efficiency continuously by providing customers with products, technologies, 
platforms, supply chain finance, warehousing & logistics, digital marketing and other full eco-system services.