Suplaindo Mall



Suplaindo e-commerce platform (, independently developed by Suplaindo, 
is a B2B cross-border e-commerce platform for energy equipment industrial products for customers, 
which can provide customers with product search, order query, quick quotation, product query, customized services, 
credit application, spot warehouse, local currency settlement, the whole industrial chain solutions, 
after-sales service and other professional services. Customers can achieve 
one-stop procurement of industrial products in the oil and gas industry by using Suplaindo website.

Self-service search

Achive category and product query, provide solutions of drilling & completion and oil production process.

self-service enquiry

Customers can select products to enquiry, 24h feedback, and view the quotation status and download the quotation sheet.

self-service order

Customers place orders idependently in the spot warehouse and market personnel place orders throu.

credit service

Customers initiate credit application in the platfrom, after sinosure auditing, and will get a feedback.

customized service

We will provide standardized pre-sales consultation, after-sales service and relevant technical support to customized.

data sharing

Product manuals, market analysis report, and professional technical solutions can be viewed and download.

key account

Provide costumized interface and customer inventory consignment service to achieve more possibilities.

redem points

From the customers of drilling & completation and oil-production engineering business division, the credits will be issued.

quick qoutation

Based on the supply chain resource of the business division and the professional technical team.

commodity digitalization

The database include 30+ categories in oil & gas categories, 20000+SPU, 250000+SKU.

Suplaindo creates an intelligent APP integrating procurement and sales to 
improve use rexperience integrating portal and mall functions. Customers 
and market personnel can check product information, initiate inquiry, 
check quotation through mobile APP. Product search, add to shopping 
cart, help you find goods, oorder status query, logistics status query, 
quick quotation system.



Suplaindo International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is the first cross-border industrial Internet platform in China for providing industrial products in the vertical 
sector of Oil & Gas field. With the mission of creating an efficient supply chain, and with the assistance of Internet, IoT ( Internet of Things ) and big data, Suplaindo is committed to reducing industry costs and improving industry efficiency continuously by providing customers with products, technologies, 
platforms, supply chain finance, warehousing & logistics, digital marketing and other full eco-system services.